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About Us

The BYC is a grassroots organization that began in June 2020 in Elmhurst, Illinois, and incorporated one year later. Shortly after the murder of George Floyd, and during the pandemic, several community members started to meet in the backyard to simply have candid discussions about race. Through personal anecdotes, people shared how racism has affected the local community. Since then, the group has flourished into a committed organization that has engaged many elected officials, educators, and the local police department. This is only the beginning, as the BYC sets forth to change minds, hearts and actions.  

Board of Directors

Janice LeDonne Alexander, PhD

Margaret D. Harrell, PhD

John McDonough, J.D.


Elmhurst Public Library

Elmhurst University

Elmhurst Art Museum

Elmhurst History Museum

Elmhurst Center for the Performing Arts

Elmhurst Pride Collective

United Methodist Church of Elmhurst

Brewpoint Coffee