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Welcome to the Backyard Caucus, Inc. (BYC) of Elmhurst, Illinois!

BYC's mission is to establish itself as a voice for diversity, inclusion and equity; to educate, inform, and advocate for diversity, inclusion, and equity; and to engage for institutional change toward diversity, inclusion, and equity.

Who are we?

We are business professionals, college students, retirees, teachers, lawyers, artists, elected officials, and more. We are community members who have come together to be an agent for positive change on a local level and take a stand against racism. We strive to make Elmhurst a more inclusive community through education, community conversations, and the advancement of anti-racism values. Our goal is to bring awareness to the tacit and sometimes unintentional ways that racism can and does affect our neighbors and the community as a whole.  

The Backyard Caucus, Inc. is a diverse group of citizens, including representatives from Elmhurst-based businesses and civic organizations that support our mission. The Backyard Caucus is not affiliated with political or religious organizations. We all have two things in common – a love for Elmhurst and a desire to create a more inclusive and welcoming community.

The BYC collected and published a collection of personal stories from Elmhurst residents, of diverse ages and backgrounds, about their experiences with race. Some residents tell of experiences that belie Elmhurst’s reputation as a welcoming community. Others write about the time they realized that their own “whiteness” brought them a lifetime of privileges quite different from persons of color. The authors - all neighbors - share raw, enlightening stories that are eye-opening and thought provoking. 

See a promotional video for the book below, and get your copy on Amazon!

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